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Thread: Blind Judgements

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    Blind Judgements

    A spectrum of colors painting my imagination, time and energy spent, never to return.

    Worn hands relax with myself full of pride, an achivement of desire and will, so eager of opinion, the fear of an honest mind.

    Ill show you with all my heart, that what I have achieved with so much sacrifice. Judgement will be passed but who will be the judge.

    Here comes the judgements of those who know, time taken seems so long, an opinion destroyed all my desire and taken all my pride, my heart feels so torn and empty.

    Couldnt they see it, my intent, my work, my sacrifice, all joy of creation taken in the claws of judgement.

    My heart has no desire to create, all hopes and dreams taken. now I dont enjoy my work anyway, so hard to impress, so easily taken.

    I now travell a new path, one that fears judgements of those who posses greatness, I dont feel the need to try anymore..."

    One who knows so little compares peoples art with those created with a greater ability can destroy the desire and joy of the artist, To judge the new creation should be compared to the past creations of that artist and not compared with those with less limitation and experience.

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    Hard work that is downed by others, is still hard work. No matter what others think, a work that the artist deems a masterpiece, is labeled such. Those that shouldn't judge, are those that don't even ATTEMPT to create similar works. A nice work here in my mind, and food for thought.

    Far be it for me to be anything special, when the only special thing I desire with me, is the special person I share my gifts with.


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