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    Blue Seven

    This is the most involved of my three current fanfics, and should come to about 26 episodes eventually, divided into 2 13 episode "seasons". Tell me what you think please.

    BLUE seven: Season One

    Episode 01: Welcome To Totolo City

    Totolo City is a relatively small city on Totolo Island, in the middle of nowhere. The main character of this particular story happens to share the city's name. The citizens always seem bored because of the lack of excitement. And so the story begins, with a 'meteorite' smashing into the jungle outside of the city.

    A large explosion is heard followed by sirens. It is the middle of the night and everyone is asleep.

    The next morning…:

    Dad: Totolo, my son! Get out of bed! It's time for school! Get dressed and eat breakfast! Hurry up!
    Totolo: Ugh! I don't want to go to boring-ass school! I think I'll just sleep a little long-
    Dad: Out of bed, now!
    Totolo gets up reluctantly and gets dressed he then walks out into the kitchen to see Dad and his brother, Torn, eating breakfast.
    Totolo: Oh gross! How can you eat this spicy crap for breakfast?!
    Torn: I think it's pretty good…
    Dad: See! Me and Torn like it, you should seriously grow up, my son. Be more like Torn.
    *Ring! Ring!* Torn's cell phone goes off and he answers it casually.
    Torn: Hello? Oh hey Anne. Oh I'm glad you called, I can't make our date Friday, can we switch to Saturday? Thanks so much! I love you so much, Anne! Bye.
    *Ring! Ring!* Torn's cell phone rings again. He answers it.
    Torn: Hello? Oh hey Fox. I can make our date Friday. See you at the Puffed Corn at 8:30, okay. I love you so much, Fox! Bye.
    Totolo: {what a player}
    Totolo gets up angrily and grabs his stuff on the way out the door. He is on his way to school when a familiar red-haired girl ambushes him.
    Somi: Boo!
    Totolo: [obviously frightened] Damn it, Somi! I told you to stop that stuff…
    Somi: Haha. I'm sorry, Toti, but you are just so easy to scare.
    Totolo: And stop calling me "Toti", it sounds too much like a toy. Its embarrassing.
    Somi: I like it though. Besides, no one else hears me say it to you.
    [Totolo has a flashback of a group of other schoolgirls pushing books out of Somi's arms and ridiculing her. He becomes slightly sentimental looking.]
    Totolo: Alright then. As long as no one's around-
    Somi kisses him and he blushes, immaturely. She looks happy.
    Somi: Okay, Toti. See you later!
    Totolo: [softly] Bye.
    Totolo takes a seat in his classroom. There is no one else there yet.

    It skips to later that afternoon, when school ends. Totolo is walking home.

    Totolo: {I wonder where Somi is…}
    He looks to the house beside his to see a moving truck.
    Totolo: What! Someone actually bought that piece of junk? I feel sorry for them.
    Dad: Happy birthday, son. Go into your bedroom. There is someone you should meet.
    Totolo: Birthday? My birthday isn't for months…
    He drearily walks to his bedroom to see a beautiful pink-haired girl putting something together.
    Totolo: Who the hell are you?
    Engine: My name is Engine, I'm new here.
    Totolo: Are you the one who lives next door?
    Engine: Ta-da! I built you your present
    she hands him a small robot with vice grips for hands. Totolo looks embarrassed.
    Totolo: What is this?
    Engine: Its one of those new-fangled Banana Corporation Robots. His name is Clampers.
    Totolo: Clampers?
    Engine hits Totolo in the back of the head with a shoe. This knocks him out.
    Engine: Out cold.
    She then slides a strange blinking stone into his hair.

    Totolo awakes in the bathtub outside of his house.
    Totolo: {where am I? What happened to me? Why am I…} Naked?!?
    Engine suddenly pops up out of the water, scaring him badly.
    Totolo: Ah! Get out of here I don't have any clothes on!
    Engine: What's the big deal? I've already seen everything. After all, how do you think you got here?
    Totolo: What?! You couldn't have! You perv! Get out of here you… you… y-
    Engine stands and walks over and sits beside him. Totolo looks very embarrassed.
    Engine: I'm sorry, its just that I need your help.
    Totolo: My help? Who are you? What are you?
    Engine: My name is Engine. I'm an "alien" of sorts. But you wouldn't believe that would you? Such an immature brat. Like your father always says, "why can't you be more like Torn"?
    Totolo: What? Have you been spying on me?
    Engine: No. I just know your father very, very well, if you catch my drift.
    Totolo: Disgusting. Just leave me alone.
    Engine: You think I'm serious? I would never let that freak touch me without paying.
    Totolo: You are a freak.
    Suddenly Engine throws a blue puff at Totolo. He manages to catch it.
    Totolo: What is this thing?
    Engine: Three! Come on out!
    The blue puff suddenly turns into a blue orb with a happy face and three legs. It is about the size of Totolo's head.
    Engine: This is my good friend, Three.
    Totolo: What is it?
    Engine: It is one of the mystical race known as the Blue. The other six are somewhere on this island.
    Totolo: You're joking, right?
    Engine: No. Why else would I come to a backwater planet like this.
    Totolo: {Maybe she is telling the truth.}

    Later that evening…:
    Totolo is sound asleep in his bed , and he slowly opens his eyes to see Engine watching him sleep with tears and her eyes. He quickly closes his eyes and it seems like she didn't notice he was awake. She collapses on the bed beside him. He acts very awkward and goes back to sleep.

    Totolo: {Who is she?}

    Fin episode 01.
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    Episode 02: Bubblegum Mania

    It is night again and Totolo is asleep. Suddenly there is a knocking at the window. He awakes to see Somi looking through it at him. He glances at the clock to see it is 3 AM.
    Totolo: [opening the window] Somi? Why are you out so late?
    Somi: Haha. Toti, you know I have insomnia. I just thought I'd stop by and talk to you for a bit.
    Totolo: Why do you do this stuff? Its not normal.
    Somi: Who cares what's normal, sometimes we just do things that feel right.
    Engine is peeking in on them from out in the hall.
    Engine: {Any minute now… what?! A girl is in there with him? Oh no, if she gets killed I am so screwed! Come on, Engine, think of something, fast!}
    Totolo: Somi you can't be here. It is so late, and well we have school tom-
    Somi quickly kisses him and starts crying. Totolo has no idea why.
    Engine: Hey girl! Get the hell out of here! Its late!
    Totolo: Why are you here so late? Don't you have a house of your own, Engine? I mean you just moved in next door.
    Somi: Oh. So this is who bought the house next door? I can't believe someone actually bought that house. What a stupid thing to do…
    Engine: Hey shut up you little- never mind this crap. Get out off here unless you want to be killed!
    Somi: Is that a threat?
    Engine: A threat?! For Christ's sake get out!
    Suddenly Clampers comes walking out from under Totolo's bed and it's antenna starts blinking. At the same time the device that Engine hid on Totolo starts beeping.
    Engine: Shit!
    She grabs Somi and quickly jumps out of the room. Then a huge burst of light slams through the ceiling and hits Totolo. The room is glowing and Engine looks astonished. A human-sized robot rises out of whatever came through the ceiling and picks up Totolo.
    Engine: Three! Turn this bag of bolts into a friend!
    The blue named Three jumps on the robot's back and starts using various tools to open a hatch on his back. It then starts fiddling around with wires. Suddenly, the menacing eyes that the robot had turned to friendly ones.
    Engine: Yay! A new pet! What should we name him?
    Somi: How about Bubblegum?

    It skips to school…
    Totolo is sitting slumped in his desk with an ice pack on his head. The teacher is rambling on about the Banana Corporation and its studies on wormholes.

    Totolo: {I ****ing hate school…}
    Gye: Totolo!
    Rin: Hey man!
    Totolo: Oh… hey. What's up?
    Gye: We heard that a hot-
    Rin: -girl moved in next to you!
    Gye/Rin: Can we come over after school please! Totolo we've always been there for you, man. Just let us catch a peek of her.
    Totolo: Whatever. {She's not that hot, is she?}
    He then pictures her naked again in his mind and closes his eyes. Suddenly the teacher calls on him.
    Teacher: Totolo, are you listening to me?! How rude!
    Totolo: Ugh…sorry.

    It is after school and Totolo is walking home with Gye and Rin. Somi is watching him from a tree that she likes to sit in.

    Gye: Hey, Totolo, there's your girlfriend.
    Rin: Yeah, don't you always walk home with that girl. Somi, right?
    Totolo: Somi? Girlfriend? No way. She's just lonely that’s all. I've known her for a long time.
    Gye: I heard some girls picking on her in P.E. today…
    Totolo: Shut up about that.
    Rin: Yeah she was crying like a little kid.
    Totolo: I SAID SHUT THE **** UP!
    With that, they were silent on the walk to Totolo's house. In shock, Totolo turns the corner to see Engine in a string bikini watering the yard with the robot, Bubblegum cleaning her roof.
    Totolo: What is she doing!?!?
    Gye: She is so hot!
    Rin: Yeah dude
    Totolo: Gye; Rin, leave now!
    Gye: Bu-
    Totolo: Now!
    Gye and Rin turned to leave, looking back at Engine on the way.
    Totolo: And just what do you think you're doing? Trying to attract attention? I don't know where you're from but here its not common place for robots to be walking around.
    Engine: What, Totolo, you don't like these? [she rubs her breasts in a very sexual manner]
    Totolo: Stop trying to change the subject! Go inside or something… just go!
    Bubblegum turns from what its working on and looks at Totolo.
    Totolo: Huh?
    Suddenly Clampers comes running out of Engine's house blinking again.
    Engine: Oh, not now, I was having so much fun!
    Totolo: What not now?
    The street starts shaking and a big metal ram comes running down the street. Its hooves are razor sharp and it is constantly snorting blue flames.
    Engine: And the first of the Warlocks has come, eh? Here kid take this.
    She gives him a sub-machine gun and when Totolo looks he sees that Bubblegum has one , too.
    Totolo: What are we doing? Do you expect to beat that thing?
    Engine: No. I expect you to.
    She throws him at the ram when suddenly she appears beside him riding on Bubblegum's back.
    Engine: You can't kill anything without pulling the trigger.
    Totolo: Oh, right!
    Strangely enough, he somehow knows how to use a machine gun. He fires madly at the ram and so does Engine. Bubblegum drops Engine on its back. She whips out a chain and wraps it around its neck.
    Engine: Whoa, Nelly! Totolo, hurry up! Press the blue button on the gun!
    He presses the button to se it turn into a laser sword that fits around his hand perfectly. Bubblegum seems to transform into a suit of armor and form around him.
    Totolo: What is this?
    Engine: Don't worry with that now. Just kill this thing while I have him pinned down.
    Totolo: Ok…
    The boosters on his feet suddenly kick in and he feels himself being propelled towards the beast, as if by Bubblegum's will. He feels his arm swing and looks back to see that he had slit the rams' throat. Weird metallic blood is flying everywhere.
    Totolo: Gross.
    Engine: Wowsers. Didn't see that one coming.
    Bubblegum separates from Totolo and catches him on the way to the ground. His gun also turns to normal. He looks over where the animal's corpse was to see it was dissolving. He looks at it closer and sees a small blue puff in the center…
    Engine: See, that wasn't so bad.

    Episode 02 fin
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    Episode 03: The Current Developments

    Totolo: It hasn't improved very much around here. Same boredom, same familiar faces. And every since the other day, I've started questioning Engine's motives. Why is she here? Who is she? Or what is she? It's too hard to say for sure. When that ram came running down the street I somehow knew it was coming for her. And the little blue puff inside of it. She said it was Blue #5, the Blue of Knowledge. According to her, it would make it a lot easier to find them. But in my head I'm asking myself: Why does she want them? What benefit is there, if any?

    The alarm in the room goes off again. Totolo is jolted awake and hit’s the off button. He hears a noise in the other room and peeks out of the door. He sees Somi and Engine playing Old Maid in the living room along with Bubblegum and Clampers. The two Blues are sitting next to Engine.

    Totolo: What are you doing? How can you be playing cards after yesterday?
    Engine: Relax, kid. It's not that big of a deal.
    Somi: Oh. So all of that ruckus was caused by you two.
    Totolo: Great. Who knows what the neighbors will think.
    Engine: Wanna play?
    Totolo: No. [he looks over at the two Blues, sitting there silently. #5 looks similar to #3 but has a long antenna with a light bulb on the tip. It stands on two legs looking over Engine's shoulder]
    Somi: Looks like I win again.
    Engine: Eh. Poker is more of my game anyway…


    Engine: Totolo come here.
    Totolo: Yeah, what is it?
    Engine: Come here, to the bathroom.
    Totolo: Ok, I'm here, what is it?
    Engine: Hi-Ya! [she slams his head into the sink and begins mixing in hair color very quickly. She takes him out and he has blue hair*] * Totolo Normally Has Black Hair
    Totolo: Ah! Why did you do that?!
    Engine: Its time you get more stylish and impulsive. So I decided to help you along the way.
    #3 and #5 come walking through the door along with clampers and Bubblegum. They all point and laugh at him.
    Totolo: Ugh. What can #5 do for us any way?
    Engine: Don't know yet… we have to wait for another warlock to come along.
    Totolo: Great... there's more of them. I thought it was a one-time deal.
    Engine: That’s why you're stupid and I'm smart. And you need to go to: THE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF ENGINE!!!
    The room suddenly turns into a classroom environment with Engine in a teacher's outfit and everyone else in the desks. She begins writing on the board.
    Engine: Ok. So myself, Engine, goes traveling across the galaxy to get here and my ship crashes into the jungle out there. I have to find all seven Blues very soon. Any questions?
    Totolo: So what was that ram thing?
    Engine: A monster called a warlock. They were created to guard their precious cargo, the Blues.
    Totolo: Created by what?
    Engine: Not sure yet.
    Totolo: I have a bad feeling about this. So who are you really?
    All of the desks and other classroom items disappear.
    Engine: Oh looks like class is over. I'm sorry, you'll have to wait for your question to be answered.
    Totolo: {Just as I expected.}

    Even Later…

    Dad: So Engine, you've been doing a lot of remodeling in your house, right?
    Engine: Yeah sure.
    Dad: I find it fascinating that a girl of your age can support herself and live all alone.
    Engine: Meh. This food is less that satisfying. Totolo, wanna go out to eat with me?
    Totolo: Huh? Oh sure!
    Dad: Fine, leave me. That makes sense. All day slaving over a h-
    Totolo: Bye!
    They head outside and Totolo looks confused.
    Totolo: So, how are we getting there?
    Engine: Leave that to me. Bubblegum! Three!
    The two appeared behind Engine.
    Engine: Three, make the necessary adjustments, if you please.
    With that, Three began working on Bubblegum. By the time she was done Bubblegum was a large motorcycle.
    Engine: Hop on!
    Totolo: "And then we started riding, and riding, and riding still. It was apparent to me that she had no idea where she was going and I didn't really care. For once, I felt like I belonged. Then we saw Somi lying in the puddle not too far from the Puffed Corn restaurant. Was it just a coincidence? I'll probably never know."
    Totolo: Somi! Are you okay?
    Somi: Toti? Oh yeah. I'm just a little wet, that’s all.
    Engine: Come on. Hop on.
    And so all three of them arrived at the Puffed Corn restaurant. It must have been yet another coincidence that Totolo's brother, Torn, was in the booth right behind them.
    Torn: Hey Totolo! Whose that hottie? Hey that’s our new neighbor isn't it? Good deal Totolo.
    Torn obviously hadn't realized he was sitting beside his date and the night ended with a…

    fin episode 03
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