No matter how hard I try
Can I ever find that special girl?
That perfect kiss
My hands on your hips

Why do I?
Find living these lies
So hard to break
When you look at me
Oh why can’t you see?
What you’re stare dose to me?

As the Sun slowly rises.
As I slowly wake from sleep.
No matter how hard I try
The light burns through me.

The day wears on
I start to breath
N I see you smiling at me
My doubts fade
As you walk toward me
I don’t know what to say
My friends walk away
I’m alone with you
N I can’t breath
You smile n my heart skips a beat

Suddenly everything seems so clear
You feel the way I do
My heart races as I smile back at you
We talk a while n u have to leave
I want you to stay with me.
Cuz u make me feel alive
N I can’t hide how much I care for you
Just give me a chance
N I’ll fix all your broken dreams
Cuz your smile heals my broken memories
So let me make you feel alive
I’ll be everything you could ever need
N heal
All your broken dreams