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Thread: Bush is...EVIL!!!!

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    Angry Bush is...EVIL!!!!

    I just read in the New York Times that Bush recently elected this bimbo to represent America in the U.N. First of all, Bush is a conservative republican. I'm not saying I dislike conservative republicans; that's a whole new topic all together! <---plus, my dad's a CR, too. Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that most CR's are against the U.N. Hopefully, everyone knows what the U.N. is an does. Anyway, the guy he elected [forgot the name] is totally against the U.N., as well as Bush and all/most of the other CR's!! I really hope the stupid bimbo doesn't do anything more stupid by actually being in the U.N.

    I can already see how the whole situation began. Bush: Hmm...I've got a great idea! How about...we hire this guy who's been pro war on terror AND who also hates the U.N. as America's representative for the U.N.! Genious! Now let's see if I can bypass this guy through Congress, so I can once again get my wish! ha ha's good to be president...

    God, I hate that guy...
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    Re: Bush is...EVIL!!!!

    Yes, we all hate Bush (ok maybe just half of us), but this is really more of a journal entry since its just your opinions. Or you could try remaking this topic into something that could be debated in the Debate Forum.

    But for now...closing...


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