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Thread: Bush's Lies

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    Quote Originally Posted by KnightofNi
    this complicated and touchy subject; basically I feel we went to Iraq because
    1. He is just finishing what his daddy should have done in the Gulf War
    Yes, it started with the Gulf war. No, it didn't end. That is because an armistice was signed, a cease fire or a pause to fighting, not a peace treaty which would have ended the war. A cease fire that was broken when Saddams men fired on US and British troops. A ceases fire that the president that came after Bush didn't bother to enforce. No wonder it had to be cleaned up.
    2. As our oil fields start to dry up, until a new fuel source is created, oil will become a more immediate resource.
    US oil fields are not only not drying up they are increasing production. Fact is that most of the oil in the US is untapped thanks to enviromentalists with their "not in my backyard" attitude. (I have always found that hypocritical. If deserts are such a fragile environment why is it ok to buy oil from desert countries but not drill in our own country where it isn't a desert.) Fortunatly that is starting to change with advances in drilling systems.
    3. He needed someone else to pay for 9/11 even though we bombed Afghanistan to the stone age, Saddam was just a pawn in his sick game of doing his daddy's work by using it a terrorist base.
    Saddam was considered a threat by every head of Europe, the UK, and every member of Congress (with the exception of 2) based on the exact same information President Bush had. They voted to give permission for action. Blame your congressman. Some of the information turned out to be incorrect. Blame the source of the information which incidently came from the UK, who got it from France, who got it from Spain. But before you blame them just remember, Saddam thought he had the stuff as well.
    4. Does anybody realize what we actually did, we basically tore down an entire country's infastructure and society, all so that we could help them; the reason why our soldiers, our humans are dying due to attacks, is because we invaded them and tore them down so they have a right to fight back.
    Yes, we took down Saddams entire regime. A regime responsible for murdering over 600,000 of it's own citizens according to it's own records. A regime that the US and the UK were already at war with the instant Iraqi troops broke the armistice.

    Incidently those "fighting back" have been discovered to be one of three groups.
    a. One of those remaining from Saddam's regime.
    b. Terrorists who don't seem to care how many Muslims they kill if they can get one non-Muslim and don't care what country they have to go to to kill them.
    c. Ironically most of the "insurgents" have actually turned out to be criminals who take payments of $200-500 per hit from group "a".

    But if you feel these groups have the right to "fight back" more power to you.
    5. Even though we don't own Oil as a country, OPEC which is a congolmerate of companies which have US interests in mind.
    OPEC has profit in mind. They don't care from who. Iraq having a productive oil field (which is contracted to sell only to European countries) put's them in competition with OPEC. I'm sure that fills them with pleasure.
    6. Since most likely something was going to happen in Iraq, we had to be the world's police again and get ourselves involved where we should not have. Time and again we have gotten ourselves in a shit-hole and is the world any better?
    Let's see, the US and Britian were already at war with Iraq. Yes, I guess that does make it their responsibility.

    As for whether the world is any better you would have to ask the Iraqi citizens that. Considering that nearly 70% of them voted in the election in spite of the fact the group listed above threatened to kill them I would consider it likely.

    My point is-We shouldn't be in Iraq at all, we destroyed their society and so they feel justified that they can destroy our troops, simple as that, if people want to blame somebody for there loss, blame the government considering we went over there in the first place.
    Really? I see no proof of that without being forced to ignore the actual facts as they occured.

    If you want to hate Bush that's your perogitive, just get your facts straight while you're doing it.

    OH yeah, did you hear the newest bush speech- Disassemble- It means to not tell the truth.
    You mean like you just did?

    v. dis·as·sem·bled, dis·as·sem·bling, dis·as·sem·bles
    v. tr.

    To take apart: disassemble a toaster.

    v. intr.

    1. To come apart: The unit disassembles easily.
    2. To break up in random fashion: The spectators began to disassemble.
    I would suggest looking to your own grammer before critisizing someone elses.

    PS. It might interest you to know that the new Iraqi government is getting recognized as legitimate by other Arab countries and is being included in their trade forums. Syria of all places just turned back a group of terrorists from the border into Iraq.

    If you do want to educate yourselves on what is happening in Iraq here's a good start:
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