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    Can I realy say

    I just wish you new

    Feeling as my mind is sufficating

    No longer consintrating

    On the things that use to matter

    When did my mind start to wander

    Am I left to keep on wondering... why

    {What now you don't notice me that I realy care about you
    How So
    Is this how it was supposed to be To pretend not to care
    How Can
    I Express How I realy feel about someone that I seemed
    {To who I Never Cared about

    I just need to say 3 last words
    All I need to say I love you and leave it alone
    Can you tell the the difference between thiefs and lords
    or just find out that I am in the middle


    Tell me please
    Just One hint
    To say these 3 last word
    I Realy care


    This is my band's song We Sing in the stylings or Emotional punk like Taking Back Sunday And Fall Out Boy
    The Name Of are band is Without A Doubt Please leave a post or something
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