A chance to draw someone I know as beautiful,
Not to sure how she thinks of me.
I'll start off by telling them why I have my notebook,
And then get a drawing of her hopefully.

Doing something that I rarely do,
Hang out with a gang and I have now befriended.
Hopefully everything will go okay this time,
I don't want another lose to be threaded.

This time must be different,
I feel a tingle down in my soul.
Others might pass it as butterflies,
But then again, I might not know.

I feel everything will be great at the time,
That I meet then around 8:30.
I just hope she likes what I give her,
Then my heart will be flying like a little birdy.

Man do I ever get nervous when I draw girls,
Expecially when thier cute like she is Outside and in.
Man I don't want to screw this up for her,
If she likes me, then it will be best in my mind again.

Well, I must go now and shower and shave,
Or does she like the roughian look better, humm.
I just hope whatever I do before I get there,
Doesn't end up making me look dumb.....

By: Justin McCormick (The one and only K' Heart.) "Best motivation... Beauty."