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    Exclamation Cherub Tome

    I have been talking a lot about my creation Cherub Tome, and I guess it is getting pretty annoying, or you are wondering what the hell this guy is talking about. Well, Cherub Tome is a script that I made and recently I have been searching for an artist who will work for free (but will get credit for his work) to draw my script into comic form. If you are willing to draw or know someone who meets be please reply or pm me. I would be very grateful. Well to help you make a decision I will soon post an exert of my comic (and the artists comic) Cherub Tome.

    Panel1: a young man with medium length brown hair and a skinny stature is sleeping on his back against an old apple tree that is planted on a floating chunk of earth with other chunks of earth around it.
    Panel2: A young boy with long black hair that hides his face (a distinct resemblance to the girl in the ring) and wearing a night gown materializes in front of the young man.
    Panel3: The young man wakes up
    Panel4: The young man rises and stretches
    Panel5: We do a close up on the young boys face (or where the face would be)
    Young boy: why are you here?
    Panel6: We do a close up on the young man from the shoulders up with a puzzled look
    Young man: what...
    Panel7: The young boy starts to dematerializes
    Panel8: We do a scene showing the young man lunging forward trying to grab the young boy
    Panel9: We do a scene from the side of the young mans face in shock. ( a tearing sound in background)
    Panel10: we do a scene where the young man is turning to see what the tearing sound came from
    Panel11: we do a full body shot of the young man with his left arm torn off from the shoulder down with blood gushing out like a fountain.
    Panel12: The young man is about to scream
    Panel13: all black with the word “thud” across the panel
    Panel14: a light turns on and we see the young man grasping his left arm with a low lantern swinging above his bed where he lays
    Panel15: we do a close up scene of the right of the young mans head with his eyes closed
    Young man: **** dreams
    Panel16: we are outside in front of a steel one manned house
    Panel17: the door to the steel house opens
    Panel18: an army boot appears from the dark insides of the house
    Panel19: we do a close up of a brown leather glove being pulled onto a hand
    Panel20: a full body scene of the young man wearing a grayish blue trench coat, long brown leather gloves, commando boots, and a peak officers cap.
    Panel21: we do a ¾ head shot of the young man who turns his head to see who is calling him.
    ??? : Good morning Velhelm
    Panel22 we see a kid on roller skates coming toward Velhelm waving
    Panel23: we go back to is waving back
    Velhelm: good morning to you, Syi
    Panel24: Syi stops right in front of Velhelm
    Panel25: Syi looks up at Velhelm
    Syi: You got Mail!
    Panel26: we see an envelope in Syi’s hand
    Panel27: Velhelm takes the envelope
    Panel28: Velhelm drops the letter into his right coat pocket
    Panel29: Velhelm looks toward Syi who is starting to leave
    Velhelm: Thanks a lot!
    Panel30: Syi is leaving Velhelm waving good-bye

    There will be more coming so stay tuned. And tell me what you think of my story so far.
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