Panel1: a young man with medium length brown hair and a skinny stature is sleeping on his back against an old apple tree that is planted on a floating chunk of earth with other chunks of earth around it.
Panel2: A young boy with long black hair that hides his face (a distinct resemblance to the girl in the ring) and wearing a night gown materializes in front of the young man.
Panel3: The young man wakes up
Panel4: The young man rises and stretches
Panel5: We do a close up on the young boys face (or where the face would be)
Young boy: why are you here?
Panel6: We do a close up on the young man from the shoulders up with a puzzled look
Young man: what...
Panel7: The young boy starts to dematerializes
Panel8: We do a scene showing the young man lunging forward trying to grab the young boy
Panel9: We do a scene from the side of the young mans face in shock. ( a tearing sound in background)
Panel10: we do a scene where the young man is turning to see what the tearing sound came from
Panel11: we do a full body shot of the young man with his left arm torn off from the shoulder down with blood gushing out like a fountain.
Panel12: The young man is about to scream
Panel13: all black with the word “thud” across the panel
Panel14: a light turns on and we see the young man grasping his left arm with a low lantern swinging above his bed where he lays
Panel15: we do a close up scene of the right of the young mans head with his eyes closed
Young man: **** dreams
Panel16: we are outside in front of a steel one manned house
Panel17: the door to the steel house opens
Panel18: an army boot appears from the dark insides of the house
Panel19: we do a close up of a brown leather glove being pulled onto a hand
Panel20: a full body scene of the young man wearing a grayish blue trench coat, long brown leather gloves, commando boots, and a peak officers cap.
Panel21: we do a ¾ head shot of the young man who turns his head to see who is calling him.
??? : Good morning Velhelm
Panel22 we see a kid on roller skates coming toward Velhelm waving
Panel23: we go back to is waving back
Velhelm: good morning to you, Syi
Panel24: Syi stops right in front of Velhelm
Panel25: Syi looks up at Velhelm
Syi: You got Mail!
Panel26: we see an envelope in Syi’s hand
Panel27: Velhelm takes the envelope
Panel28: Velhelm drops the letter into his right coat pocket
Panel29: Velhelm looks toward Syi who is starting to leave
Velhelm: Thanks a lot!
Panel30: Syi is leaving Velhelm waving good-bye

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