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Thread: The Chronicles of Darren Part 8

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    The Chronicles of Darren Part 8

    I suddenly traveled many miles away south. I saw a battlefield. Many a corpse lay on it, yet a small group in blue still stood. I watched as the leader began to speak to his troops. "Today we have won a great victory. You should all be proud of your selves, "he remarked. The crowd cheered and hooted. The leader raised his hand in a gesture of silence. "We were but four hundred strong, yet we held back and bested an army of over two thousand. Every one of you beat five men. The entire enemy has fled or been killed while we only lost two hundred men. Let the news of our valor give fear to our enemies and strength to allies, "he yelled. There was a hit of spears on shields a shouting of "Hail Thaddeus".

    Then I faded yet again back to the castle. The king was standing there talking to two cloaked figures. "You know what to do", he said to them. Both figures nodded in response. They left quickly, just as Thaddeus entered. He bowed to the king and said, "What a great honor you have bestowed upon me your majesty." The king smiled and responded with, "Just call me Uncle Nerif."
    It was then that I fully understood the relationship between the two. The king was concerned about his subjects growing respect of his nephew due to his recent victories. The cloaked figures he had previously spoken to were obviously assassins of some sort. <---The newest hot rpg place

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    kool story and keep it up


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