Part 9

I awoke suddenly. The images of what I had just seen where still swimming through my mind. I looked around and found myself in front of the iron door. I was no longer paralyzed. The effects of the snake's venom were apparently temporary. I wondered whether what I had just seen was a dream, a hallucination, or something else entirely. I heard movement behind the door. I guess the snake hadn't given up on its meal. I heard a thump on the door. The snake hissed and rammed it again. I began to back away, not taking my eyes off of the door. Because of this, I never noticed the creature creeping up behind me.

I felt a sudden weight on my shoulders and heard snarling. Then something began to tear into my back, causing me indescribable pain. I yelled out in agony and rammed myself into a wall. I heard the beast wince in pain and momentarily loosen its grip. I rammed the wall again and again until I felt the creature let go. I turned around and faced my attacker. He looked like a man, but was very small. The dwarf was covered in coarse black hair so thick it could have been fur. The man looked up at me and barred its teeth. The creature took out a knife and leapt upon me. It stabbed at my shoulder. It seemed to take delight in my pain and raised its arm again. I tackled him in the waist, sending both of us stumbling onto the floor. Then I remembered the snake. I began to work myself to the door, while attempting to dodge the attacks of the dwarf. I backed into the door, and opened it. I leaned down as I snake leapt upon the wild man. He began to scream in horror and fell behind the door. I shut it and smiled. I guess the snake did get its meal.