Close call that I became so enraptured by you,
Now you know that my heart is real and true.
I have seen your face countless times in my dreams,
And now I have figured it and and know what it means.
A picture of a girl just like you hangs at work on a side,
It's just like you so much I almost want to die.
Oh how my heart flutters when I look into your crazy insane eyes,
Your sanity in question when you hang out and have a good time.
I pray I see those crazy eyes once again,
Close Call Love for I almost died again.
My heart stops when I picture your beautiful face this time,
I am slowly losing my hatred, my confusion, my insane mind.
God how I love you and this you already know,
Without the depth of it can you never behold.
I just wish that my heart not skip another beat,
Close Call Love, I just thought of you and dropped from my seat.
Close Call again, your on my mind again and again,
I think I like your more and I can't feel my hands typing girls and men.
I can't feel to type I have to watch my speedy fingers,
So I know that my love gets the message that her face still lingers.
I know that you are the one that now I desire,
Will you hold my hand and put out this fire.
If I see you once again I'm afraid I'll die tonight,
Whoa Close Call Love my heart is now in flight...

Justin (K' Heart)