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Thread: Communication

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    Re: Communication

    All means of communication is gooood to me^^

    But I love Face-to-face.

    Cuz it's the real thing. But then PMing is sweet. yea and E-mailing...but Face-to-face is Definitely best. By far.

    AHHHH wow Kedar I'll have to turn my back to you if I meet you face-to-face becuase my face has a natural blush and when people point it out I actually start blushing and AHHH uncontrolled blushing and I get all at a loss for words and "dfhusfhuihdusaidhusiahdsuaidhuasidh" WHHHOOOOOSSSHHH

    But when something like that happens I'm like "I think I am gunna fall down and die now" haha and I do..I fall on the floor and pretend to be dead...and it's a pretty kewl/convincing fall too...people like look at me like "WOAH!"
    Haha....Yeaaaaaa...........good times.....
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    Thanks Pyroo. :]

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    Re: Communication

    Quote Originally Posted by kedar
    Guess, I might even win a staring contest.

    ... is that so? ........... I've been known to have won a staring contest that lasted for 30 minutes. ^-^ If we ever meet, I look forward to that challenge, haha! XD

    ... hmmm...

    I prefer face-to-face... and nowadays, I prefer phone calls above anything except for face-to-face.

    Face-to-face all the way! ^_^ Afterall, it's more fun to DO THINGS with people WHILE talking to them rather than just talking.

    ... ¬u¬ Besides, I've been known to be mischevious... so... it's better to be able to play a trick or two on them. Just for fun, y'know.

    However, PMing is great as well! Quick, simple, and easy.

    Emails are nice... but it depends on the person whether they're email-friendly or not.

    <_< As for my reason for phone calls: well... it's completely real-time and it feels a lot more real. I'm not uncomfortable in awkward silence, when that happens, I just believe they've run out of things to say, that's not a problem, they're human. I just keep doing what I'm doing until I find something of interest to talk about.

    I'm not known to keep conversations going, but I've been known to bring up great conversations. ^u^

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    Re: Communication

    face to face...
    talking to someone while ur looking at her/him in the eyes is better...
    but I have ben using a lot instant messagers... is so helpful... plus any form of communication is good.....
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    Re: Communication

    Instant messaging because you can talk to people from all over the world and understand them because of the translator thingy...heh.  689
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