Noein- Mou Hitori no kimi e

This anime is airing now in japan and is shaping up to be the best show of this season.
Why you 'll ask?

Because it has originality(a rare thing in anime these days), believable characters and great plot. To sum it up, the story is everything in these series.

Unfortunately, this has fallen off the radar mostly because of the "weird" animation. Especially in the 1st eps the faces look like s#*t !! First time i saw it i thought
"Do they really expect me to see this thing?"
Some weeks passed, and i decided to give this another try. I saw 12 eps in one sitting. Incredible stuff!!!
.....except for one minor thing. Its full of quantum physics and alternate universes theories, so dont expect to understand everything. Well, i am still clueless, but thats a good thing, it reminds me of Evangelion!

The animation gets better later on and you get used to it totaly. The music is awesome, especially in the fights. Go watch it!!!!!!