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Thread: Cpt Walrus Here! Gahahaha!

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    Cpt Walrus Here! Gahahaha!

    Planning on taking an adventure? On one right now? or maybe just wanting to add to your arms collection?..perhaps you just found out that you gotta save the world from a mysterious mage! Well, pay a visit to the Axemaker! Check out his shoppe inventory in the member's misc. gallery. Happy hunting and a merry new year! Gahahahahahaah!

    PS. quite he is, but ask him anything you want about what he has or can make to suit your adventure needs...!

    Cpt. Bruemus Walrus
    via the Axemakers communicomm.

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    If you read the forum rules it clearly states NO ADS... and that includes NO SELLING merchandise here... Don't be cheap and pay eBay to auction your stuff...

    Closed... And Your pictures will not be allowed in the gallery...


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