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Then that beggers the question, what does swearing say about the one doing it? When words have meanings, and you use words with meanings that can be used to hurt, what does it say about someone who uses them without thought?
I love your thought patterns, I"ve noticed your posts accross the board. You pick the perfect questions from posters replys this is the question i was trying to get asked.
My take on it is all words are equally as powerfull as curse words. i'm sure i could dissrespect any individual i come accross in perfect english and leave the person mentally scared without the use of curse words. the point is its not what you say bout how you say it. therefor you *cant exactly dirive anything about anybody's personality because of the words he uses. Think about it i could complement someone using curse words as well.

* well you can because you've already said it.

its a game of chess. my dear its your move.