This is one of my 3 current fics. I'm not sure how many 'episodes' I plan on writing, but it is an original work. I haven't gotten any reviews/feedback on either of my fics so please write your thoughts. Thanks.

It was the dawn then. It was another bleak day on Chthonian Earth. How long had humans lived on C.E. was a mystery in its self. In a house, not far from a lake, a young man was laying on the floor. He was only laying, not sleeping, because his eyes were open. Crimson fluid was trickling down the walls of the room and he knew that if he even moved, whatever the hell was out there would gut him alive just like everyone else in the shelter. Strangely enough, he wasn't acting nervous. He was barely even perspirating, let alone scared.
Then the foolish thing outside moved and the young man jumped over to the door and opened it quickly. His hand turned into the familiar red blade and he slashed the creature in the throat. Its blood poured out smoothly as if it was meant to be all along. Then he slashed it from the chin up the crown of the head and brains splashed everywhere. Its body was still twitching, and the chains in its hands swung everywhere trying desperately to mutilate the culprit in its last burst of life. This was only answered by having its arms ripped to shreds. Then the young man looked down on its corpse and spoke softly:
" You putrid, vile thing. You expected to kill me. No one can kill Death. Therefore no one can kill me, the nameless one only called Blood."
And then the man called Blood walked away, the blood dripping from his arms onto the grass in the field around him. The red sword went back into his arm and the strange but familiar scars glowed on his arms. They read "Angel" and "Devil".
"What the hell is this?" he whispered. "What am I?"
Somewhere not so far away a girl is running through the woods, obviously terrified. A group of men are chasing her. " Come here sweetie, we don't want to hurt you, we just want to use you for something better." one man called out. Then as they were chasing her she leapt up into a tree and pulled out a gun. One surprised man saw her and began to cry out to his group but was silenced by a bullet to the jaw. Then she found another man lost and crept up behind him and ripped his throat apart.
"Only one to go." she said to herself. The one man, he seemed like he didn't know the others were dead, was in the middle of the woods. She saw him, but he must have seen her first. "Alice," he said," why don't you want to become apart of the perfection? C.E. needs reform. Band together with your fellow androids. Join the perfection!" Suddenly, his skin burst into pieces and a disgusting mechanical abomination arose from the body.
"*Sigh* You call that perfection? You really are one stupid son of a bitch. Get ready to eat lead you freak!" And her arms transformed into two huge gattling guns and began firing at the machine. The machine itself fired large lasers at her and she jumped onto its back. It had a long neck like that of a giraffe At the top was a human brain, as expected. "So, if this is your idea of android perfection, why do you need a human brain to function? What a hypocrite." And Alice fired round upon round at the creature's brain-case until it ceased to live. "When will you fools learn. On C.E. there is no perfection. There may have been once. But never again…"
Blood awoke laying in the same field. It was bright outside and a bit later than he wanted to sleep in. He looked at his arms to see that the scars had vanished again, which was a small comfort to him. Both of the suns were high above his head, so he figured it must have been about 2 o'clock. He began walking towards town, mostly to look for something to eat.
He found a small coffee shop near the outskirts of the town called Second Eden. There weren't many people in there: a few waitresses, a cook, some thugs, an old man, and a girl. Blood just ordered a coffee but noticed that the thugs behind him were hassling the old man.
"Hey there, guy. How much money would someone like you have on 'em?"
" I.. I don't have any money on me… honest. I just come here to read my paper."
"Well then why should I let you live?" "Please! Don't!"
The thug pulled a knife and put it to the old man's throat. Blood decided he was no hero, but at the same time the thugs were irritating him with their ruckus. Just when he was about to turn around and settle things, he heard a sharp gun shot. He looked to see the girl holding a golden gun. All three thugs were dead.
" How on C.E. did you kill three men with one shot?!" Blood asked her.
" Oh. This is no ordinary gun. Androids like myself can synchronize with certain things like guns, so this one syncs perfectly with me."
" You… an Android? You sure don't look like one."
" Yes. Well.. nice talking to you Mr.…?"
" I don't have a name. Well I probably did once, but not anymore."
" That's too bad. My name is Alice. I should probably be going. I'm must passing through any way." She left as quickly as she had appeared and Blood at down and carried on drinking his coffee, ignoring the three dead men behind him. " Who was that girl?"
Meanwhile, in some testing laboratory…
"02, are you ready?"
"Of course, God." The creature called 02 replied. It was primarily a normal human, except covered in armor and holding chains with knives on the tips. Several sets of doors opened, revealing dozens of human soldiers.
"Begin testing." The man called God called out.
"Of course, God." The soldiers began firing on 02 but he lashed a chain into one man's chest, ripping out his innards. He then jumped on one mans head and ripped his jaw off and crushing his skull. A man behind him shot him, so he turned around and ripped his leg off and then beat him to death with his own leg bone. Then he began swinging his chains all around him, severing all the remaining soldiers and throwing limbs in every direction.
"Good work, 02. I believe you are ready to track down the Savior. C.E. will finally reach its full potential!"
"Indeed." The creature replied as it walked out the door. It was obviously doing as it was told. It began walking through whatever was in front of it. It knew exactly where its target was. The Savior, who calls himself Blood.
Blood awoke again from the same dream he had every night. The dreams of his brother and of his mentor, Sira. It was before C.E. had been truly populated, when the people still lived in the clouds and had wings, but he was one of few that remembered those times. He knew he had a key to the memories of what exactly happened to change things so much. And he knew those secrets were contained in the cuts all over his body.
Gun shots began severing through the inn he was straying in. The android, 02, had arrived. Thousands of shells slammed on the ground and devastated the residents. Blood manage to jump behind the safe in his room, which was luckily bulletproof. Then 02's arm turned into a blue blade, similar to Blood's.
"A blade like mine? What the hell is going on?! What do you want?"
"I want only to kill you and all traces of your existence, Savior."
"Savior? Well if it’s a fight you want, I'm ready. But I should warn you, I show no mercy and will never stop until you are hanging from a tree."
Blood shot his sword out of his arm and began fighting with his foe. The fight carried them throughout the inn, both blocking the other's attack perfectly. Blood managed to sever 02's arm, knocking the sword on the ground. With that, 02 began firing at him again. Blood managed to dive for cover under a desk.
"Dammit! Who is this bastard and why does he want me dead so badly?"
Suddenly the android named Alice dove in from the top of the stairs. She began firing on the creature and finally blew its arm off. It them turned to her and opened its mouth firing a laser.
"Alice!" Blood cried out as she was hit. He then drew his sword and ripped the creature to shreds. He then ran over to Alice.
"Hey, are you alright, he hit you dead on?"
"Yeah, I think I'm alright. I was staying at this inn and heard the commotion downstairs. Man, somebody must really hate you."
"And strangely enough, it called me a savior before it attacked. Does that mean anything to you?"