Retalliation just hit stores this past week and I've been loving it since I got it on Wednesday night. It surely rivals his first release Harmful if Swallowed. Being a Dane Cook fan I'd been waiting for this one for quite some time, its original release was set for this past March and went through push back after push back. I have to say the wait was well worth it. I didnt know if he'd be able to top his first album but what can I say he's done it again.

The set features 2 cds titled "Need" and Want." Both are hilarious and will probably give most fans some quotable material for the next 2 or 3 years while Dane blows all his money and has to do another album. And also a dvd comes with it. The dvd in my opinion isnt as good as the Harmful if Swallowed one, but the double cd set more than makes up for it. For 12 bucks not a bad little steal.

Anyways has anyone else picked it up yet? Anyone plan to? Any Dane Cook fans in general? Favorite quotes, lines etc.....Feel free to digress.