It just seems,
deep down in the reccesses,
of my mind.
that somehow,
this must end.

someday if fugure,
i'll finally get my turn,
to play the game that,
everyone else gets to.

but no love for me.

so i get angry at everything,
and everything harms me.
so in a sence i am,
harming myself.

such a fool i am....

it's because i hate myself,
that i am in such pain,
but it will never change,
for me.

i hate all that i am,
save the one thing,
everyone likes about me.

my heart.

but my heart is unseen,
until i care for someone.
then they just toss it aside,
if they don't want it.

the one i wanted....
she never knew me.
she might have thought so,
but didn't.

i hurt myself because of it.
i hurt myself because,
she won't love me in return.

i hate this life,
and thus i hurt myself,
but i can't get away from me.

i just have to take my wrath.
i have to take my pain.

my pain comes in two fold.
one for the inital pain,
the second from my wrath.

i hate my anguish,
and wish my heart could go on,
but i grow weary,
of this struggle to play.

i want to play the game,
the game of love,
but can't.

i guess i'll return now,
to the darkness that awaits,
and go back to the good thing,
that waits for me.

the only good thing...
a memory of a happy time.
but till then,
i'll endanger my life,
time and time again.

pain will surge till,
i find that memorial bliss.

and so now i go...

Help This World To Understand Me God......

By: Justin McCormick (K' Heart)