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Thread: Deaths slient footsteps

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    Deaths slient footsteps

    My foot is now in front of me,
    Hovering in the air
    Fear keeps me from putting my weight down,
    Stops me from stepping in the air.
    I try to remember, the happy moments instead
    Only finding hatred,
    A life in which now is dead.
    So off the edge I go,
    Falling into the sky
    My fear is now gone,
    This is my final goodbye

    My vision is now blurry.
    The fear is now gone.
    Crimson tears are now pouring,
    The ground was cold,
    The screams and wails have stopped,
    No more left to feel.
    A person once full of life,
    Is now growing still
    One more life gone,
    Her blood down the drain.
    Just another victim,
    Of life everyday.

    I was never here to began with,
    I was never meant to be made.
    But this is my goodbye
    I’m sorry I couldn’t stay
    I’ll watch as you find another
    Someone else to fall prey
    To life’s endless games.

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    Hmmmm. This was interesting poem.
    Seduced by Flesh


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