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Thread: The Decision

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    The Decision

    Do I go or do I stay home,
    The delimma in my mind.

    I love this girl so much,
    And I wish to see her face again,
    But I don't want to cause her more pain.

    I want so badly to go to her now,
    But I feel like I am wrapped in acid,
    If such a thing could be true,
    I'd burn holes in the people I love.

    I so badly wish to feel her touch,
    To look into her soft greenish blue eyes.
    And to tell her I will be there for her.

    I know not what she things of me now,
    After all that has happened to me.
    For the pain is intense.

    Another friend I will lose tommorrow,
    Till months when he returns again,
    But still I think of her.

    So should i go, or should I leave her memory,
    Should I take a chance to hurt her again,
    Or be there for I wish eternity.

    Shall I be there again,
    Or shall I go for someone new,
    For I can't forget her though.

    My mind is my enemy,
    Then my ally, then my neutral.
    I know not my allegence to others now.

    I just want her to notice that I pained,
    Agony calls me daily and I cannot run from it,
    WIll she be there once in my life?

    So now I have to meditate on the issue,
    For tommorrow is the day I choose to do so,
    Will I do this, I'm not sure.
    I just wish whatever I choose is the best course.

    May tommorrow I see the face of someone,
    For whom I will always love,
    Even if It's a dream bestowed,
    I just wish I knew my destiny.......

    By: Justin McCormick

    Far be it for me to be anything special, when the only special thing I desire with me, is the special person I share my gifts with.

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    Whew....This poem is by far your best. ^-^

    I love it. And trust in your heart. Destiny is something that changes with every move we make. Therefore we can never know it. So just take that chance. -huggles-
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