Ok, I'm writing this because I constently get PMs and emails about where people can get smaller resolutions of my wallpapers. I make all my wallpapers 1600x1200. no if and's or buts. I won't change untill a larger monitor resolution standard comes about.

Now, onto the bread and butter of this thread. There are no need to get smaller resolutions for your wallpapers. Modern operating systems like Windows XP, Mac OS X, and all the various versions of Linux that propogate like rabbits resize your wallpapers to fit your screen, and some, like OS X, will even make them bigger with out losing image quality (I know, cause on my mac, I use 1920x1440 for my screen res).

This wasn't always the fact, Windows 2000 and below (95/98/ME) didn't do that, and you do need to get smaller wallpaper res', I don't know about the older versions of the Mac OS.

But for those of you who still insist on having the smaller resolutions, here are a few little tools for windows users cause Macs come with iPhoto, and Linux comes with GIMP:

Windows XP Power Toys (Image Resizer)

Infranview (an image tool that is very powerfull, and its a good program to use when reading manga that you've downloaded)