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Thread: "Discuss the unlisenced anime/manga you've seen!"

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    Re: "Discuss the unlisenced anime/manga you've seen!"

    Quote Originally Posted by AniManga Hound
    PLease give and explaination as to why you like the series and a plot description at the very least if you're going to post at all.

    Edit: I didn't get to watch anything new today. It's going to be another sixteen hours until I get to watch Mahoraba. The only thing I could find on AnimeSuki was a file containing episodes 1-26. It's f%$#ing 4 GB. I tell you, this better be good. I also dowloanded Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou. I haven't watched that yet, either, but I did....

    ...DOwnload the second episode of Petopeto-san! Oh, so sweet. Petoko is so cute. I swear, you better download them. (Seriously, there's virtually no one uploading. It's irritating)
    really, how fast is your bt speed? you dl anime everyday don't you? I got the first 4 ep already off irc just to see how it goes, yes i am bragging I decided to watch petopeto, ha it sounds like pedopedo, one of the reason i decided was because my favourite seiyuu is in it and the art ain't bad. So far, very...interesting or should i say the weirdness of it all makes it interesting. Let see how random it can get, will it surpass shinobuden and excel?!

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    Re: "Discuss the unlisenced anime/manga you've seen!"

    really, how fast is your bt speed?
    It varies. For PetoPeto-san, it can be from 20 bps to 50 kbps. In general, I range from 10 bps to 350kbps, depending on the file. Normally, though it's between 80 and 150 kbps.


    Okay, now, I'm going to post of another anime series.

    This one is called Mahoraba. It is twenty six episodes long, and is based on a manga which I believe is also found free, on BitTorrent.

    This one is about this aspiring young author who moves to Tokyo to attend an art school. Because he's obviously not going to commute from Tokyo, his mother arranges that he stay in n apartment complex that her cousin owns. Her cousin just so happens to have a very cute daughter, and they are immediately attracted to each other (hence my other topic about second cousin marriage). But, this girl, Aoba Kozue, has another side to her. A not so kind, not so liking of Shiratori Ryuushi (kid's name, by the way) side. Kozue is a generic looking pretty anime girl, but I was much more fond of Kyuushi. My first though was, "Hey, pretty cute kid." But I was fooled. Don't you be fooled, too. Despite his looking like he's twelve, he's actually eighteen. So is Kozue.
    Anyway, it's a pretty funny show. Not quite as wierd as Petopeto-San, but it's pretty wierd. AND They have a Megumi that looks just like the Megumi from Suzuka, but acts more like the Suzuka Megumi's 'friend'. What's her name again?

    Eh, doesn't matter. It's a pretty good show, so far. GO WATCH IT!

    Edit: Kozue, when she changes becomes another person with another name, and she doesn't just change into a loud mouthed bitch. She also changes into a six year old little girl, and who the hell knows how many ather people.
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