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Thread: Doctor Who Episode 8: Father's Day (spoilers!)

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    Doctor Who Episode 8: Father's Day (spoilers!)

    Seeing as I am only 12 years old I have never watched the original series of Doctor Who, So i don't really have anything to judge the new series by, but I'll do my best. Episode 8 was a change from what the rest of the series has been so far, instead of just them travelling to a place in time, killing an enemy, and leaving. This explored more into Rose's past, how rose's father had died alone being hit in a hit and run. Rose and The Doctor travel to that exact moment when her father got hit tot he same street, She watched her father get ran over, but she was too emotional to be with him ashe was bleeding to death, then she asked the doctor if she could go back and do it again, this time she actually ran into the middle of the road and saved her dad. Cue lots of killing and emotional stuff about the father finding out that rose IS his baby daughter all grown up, and about time paradox's, even revealing abit of the doctor's past for who virgins. At one point it even looks like the doctor's dead, but then rose's dad makes the decision to heal time and run infront of the car, and the doctor re-appears. I personally think this episode was full of emotion but also had a bit of good-old blowy stuff up action, thus creating aq perfect balance. I have one question. I found something interesting about the new series. I have noticed a certain graffiti, BAD WOLF, has been appearing in alot of episodes, two instances that spring to mind were one in aliens of london (episode 4), Bad wolf was written in big letters all over the tardis, and in episode 8, on one of the posters when they first exit the tardis, any ideas what this means?

    P.S sorry for the ridiculously long thread

    UPDATE - Is this a bad wolf clue?

    On the who is doctor who conspiracy website I found this information, I don't quite understand this though

    "When he said goodbye, The Doctor gave me a disc. He said it contained a virus that would wipe him from the internet.

    Thing is: I can't bring myself to use it.

    You see, he's off, making another decision for us, all "I'm the big bad wolf and it's way past your bedtime." Well, I don't think so. Not this time.

    It's enough for us all that I've got the virus. On CD. And I'm ready to use it. If he really is that dangerous.

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    Good question, and one that others are asking as well.
    28 April 2005 :: Bad Wolf

    After much speculation and a number of hints in episodes already broadcast the title of episode 12 has been confirmed in the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine (#356) as "Bad Wolf".

    Interestingly the BBC registered the domain name on the 30th of November 2004 - see here for full details of ownership. This presumably means that Bad Wolf has some deeper significance for the series itself, and it's back story, and we will see a supporting website something like the very clever spoof and websites that the BBC have already created.
    It's supposedly a reference to the Daleks.

    I'm an "old" fan of Dr. Who and have probably seen most of the episodes. They are avalible on DVD but it's at $20-30 a shot per-storyline (4-6 shows). I'm going to assume you don't have that kind of money. Since most fans have recordings your best chance to see the origonals are to find a fan that lives nearby. Considering your age make sure your parent/s know about it though.

    PS. Yes I am having a bout of insomnia....why do you ask? lol

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    i just watched episode 8, why oh why, i think that this dr who series is trying to more than doctor who, and i personally don't like it, i don't mind the idea of rose creating a time paradox or what ever, but there was too much mush in it. also i would like to complain about the dalek episod, the daleks never diserved what the bbc has done to them.
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