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Thread: The Doctors Who Bind Me.

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    The Doctors Who Bind Me.

    in the end I am only myself,
    for no one can understand my pain.
    because no one has gone through,
    my problems like I have,
    and no one will.

    conditions doctors have never seen,
    specialists who have only a clue.
    i know more about my problem,
    more so than they do.

    so give me a degree,
    for finding the truth,
    though i know only clonis,
    and post stroke like shakes,
    bordering on cerebral disfucnctionability.

    i have conditions that they say,
    that i have in my body,
    in my brain.
    so let me feel human,
    you intelligent imbaciles.

    i am the chemical reaction after fire,
    completely used up and turned to dust.
    never to be whole again,
    as once was,
    by what they say.

    so let me show you that i have,
    no disability, nore hinderance, nor damage.
    let me show you that i am more,
    intelligent that you can ever be.
    and because in my own self i did find,
    hypothesize and study, and overcome.

    that's my story of my pain,
    more problems still to come.
    so everytime they see a little thing wrong,
    i have to sit down,
    and completely retell this story.......

    such a waste of life to do so too.......

    By: Justin McCormick (K' Heart)

    A quote from K' Heart:

    "Now you know what's wrong with me. May you finally get a clue of why i'm always in pain. I go through more problems in one day last most in a week. I can do more than most, but not be as good at the things. I'm better at that than most others. I just have to be very good, and not the best, because of my legs. It's hard being normal and disabled, and then be disabled and be normal. See I am an oximoron in my own self, that's the best way to explain things with me. I hope you all understand now."

    Justin McCormick --- Creator/Designer, and poetic hopeful.

    Far be it for me to be anything special, when the only special thing I desire with me, is the special person I share my gifts with.

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    But you're very talented, I can see it in your poems, they always speak what that is in your heart. Just don't give up and keep believing in yourself! Keep dreaming and free your spirit!!!


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