This is a poem about society's control on your control... Ahem

I'm not breaking down
break me... push me....
To see another side of me
I will not break, I won't let you
for if you see you, you don't want to see
the other side of me...
I don't want your pity
for you not control too...
But "breaking down" not a term used loosely
what does it mean...
It doesn't mainly mean to get angry
No, its like breaking down a barrier
to places unknown... Untold by time and memory
As your sanity grows thin...
it brings up a fear of not breaking, not to hurt
Not to judge, not to feel, not to know but...
for each breaking barrier starts opening heart
So, for you breaking down will affect me too
So in a situation, where to can't breathe
and feel your barrier start to break.. just repeat
No breaking down
break you... push you...
to see another side of you
you will not break, you won't let them
for if you see, you don't want to see
the other side of________ Me...