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Thread: Don't Listen To Signs!

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    Don't Listen To Signs!

    This is a little 'thing' I made up. Anyway, it's basically why we she give our middle finger to signs.

    Anyone can make one and post it here, it's really easy. All you have to do is pick a sign that exist or completely make one up yourself. Something short. And then give a scene that would should this importance of not listening to signs. You give the end scene, and describe the scene as if it has already happened.

    For Example:

    Stay off the Grass.

    2. It’s all over newspapers and TV stations round the world. The buttons have been pressed, and forty ballistic missiles with nuclear capabilities have struck all around the U.S. The charred remains of human corpses lay next to a large patch of burnt grass with a secure, intact nuclear bombardment shelter large enough for fifty people in the middle. A metal pole sticks from the ground near the edge of the grass. The diamond plate bolted onto the pole is smeared with dust and ash, but the bold red letters are unmistakable. They read, ‘Keep Off The Grass.’

    Hehe. I know. I go to great lengths for a chuckle. ANyway, you all can participate. Maybe if the board is popular, I'll hold a contest for best 'Don't Listen to Signs' of the week. The prize you ask? A hug and a kiss?

    Hehe. Anyway, have fun!

    EDIT: I forgot to mention that the thing doesn't have to make any sense at all.

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    Re: Don't Listen To Signs!

    ...well in a way, you're right. i've walked into the local milkbar and someone deliberately put a sign that said 'don't drink the milk. it's poisoned' or something. but uhm... after asking the shop owner, it was clear that someone thought it was a great prank.

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    Re: Don't Listen To Signs!

    These kinds threads aren't allowed here.

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