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Thread: don't you just love it when members Rant?

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    don't you just love it when members Rant?

    Lastnight I closed this topic

    True story

    I saw no real meaning behind the topic so there for I closed it. The Posted used the "Report Post" button and had this to say

    Tse Lu ( mailto:[email protected] ) has reported this post:

    This is part of this thread:
    True story
    True story

    This is the reason that the user gave:
    The point is to LAUGH, you crazed pisstacks!

    Outwardly pointless it may be, but the kind of attitude illustrated here is precisely *why* every other topic in the Cyber Lounge is utter vapid nonsense. If you have to spell out the "point" of every post in black and white, then people will shut up when they have anything interesting to say and post formula topic after formula topic after formula topic until their brains explode. It means that any joke posted--ever--must be some sort of highbrow satire. Firstly, most of the posters here are simply too stupid to post highbrow satire. Secondly, the rest (and I like to include myself in the latter group) is simply to lazy. Lastly, highbrow satire is *not funny.* Any actual humour in it is subsumed by the "message behind the message" and the fun is sucked out of it as though by some sort of Comedy Vampire from the darkest depths of Hell (or the house of commons)

    Stephen R. Donaldson wrote, "The only way to hurt a man who's lost everything is to give him back something broken." Well, that's far beyond the real scope of things here, but I've effectively lost EoFF, and AO has become something broken. It's really not worth my or anybody's time to sift through insipid topic after insipid topic trying to find something worth reading. There was a time when I'd come to AO and eagerly hit refresh waiting to find out what the next person has said. Now nobody says anything worth saying, and from a glance at the forum leaders page, most of you on staff here were part of that AO that I was refreshing not so long ago. I still consider myself a newbie here, and I'm sounding like some sort of deranged veteran moaning for "the good old days," which were recent enough to remember every minute of it--vividly.

    I half expect, in light of the current atmosphere here, to get banned for the "effrontery" of sending this, but sometimes a friend needs a wake-up slap in the face, and I still consider myself to be a friend of this community, or at least what it used to be very recently. If that's the case, so be it. There's probably nothing for me here anymore anyways. Even if not, and even if I do check back more than just out of curiosity to see if I have indeed been banned, this isn't a problem I can fix for you, like I tried to in the last few months when this place still had the nice gray theme. *You* are the ones who have to set things right, nobody else can. Hell, if I wind up popping in here occasionally and posting something, I'll probably wind up as the next Batman anyways.

    Regardless of how this is taken, good luck in your efforts to keep this place alive, even if the way you're doing it is frankly bass-ackwards.

    Yours in the Tao,

    Is it me or did that make no cence what so ever?

    from what I could gather from this person thinking hes going to be the next batman seems like he has mental issues >>

    If I was in the wrong here someone tell me XD

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    Lu's oldschool, you'd have to know him to understand

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