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Thread: Dragon ball z

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    Dragon ball z

    Draqgon ball z has to be one of the most perfect anime series that i have ever saw! I think Akira Toryama did a spectacular job on his work. Another great comic that he created is sand land, It is a great story.

    Bleach is another awsome anime that i love! Creted bi Tite Kubo It is a story of a boy named Ichigo that has recently obtained the power of a spirit reaper(A spirit that has a mission and that mission is to destroy evil spirits called hollows or to release the good spirits called wholes to the after life.)It is an outstanding series.

    The last topic that i am going to talking about is One Piece. One piece is my most favorite graphic novel by Eichira Oda.

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    There is already a thread about Bleach.

    There is alread a thread about One Piece (that YOU started).

    This thread is more suited to the journals, you're not inviting any discussion here.

    Stop spamming up the forums.

    Did I miss anything?
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