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Thread: DVD Ripping Help...

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    Talking DVD Ripping Help...

    How do i dvd rip and where can i find the program for it?

    Oh, and id like to add that im a beginner at this sort of thing, so any suggestions would be great...

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    Now, first of all, remember that copying copyrighted material for anything else than private backuping is illegal (some countries have tighter laws, some have more flexible ones - check your country's legislation - usually one backup is OK). This is just a text to get you used to video encoding.

    First of all, let's get to know the best DVD Backup site - Doom9 [clicky]. On this site resides the best collection of legal tools to rip the mpeg-2 stream from the DVD and convert it into the the standard you want.

    But, since you're a beginner, I'll give you some pointers (I've backupped some of my DVDs and helped my friends to do it, too, so I'm not a total ass in it) on how to do it. The first step, of course, is to download the latest Gordian Knot codec pack plus the latest "rippack". This is, of course, if you do not already have the codecs/software needed (which I think you don't have).

    Start the install with the codec pack, since it installs the codecs needed for conversion to most used formats (like my favourite - Xvid + OGG VBR). If you're worried 'bout the fact it's a "codec pack" - don't be. I'd say it's one of the best around, since it has just the original installers packed in one tight archive - no hooty-tooty "l33t scripting" or something like that (every component can be chosen not to install. And, if you choose to install it (and overwrite your existing codecs) - uninstall all your existing codecs/codec packs since they're going to be updated anyways (l33t codec packs usually don't like to be overwritten, so that's why I suggest an uninstall before install).

    Then the rippack - I think you have none of the tools included, but if you do - uninstall is preferred before updating/installing. Then you're ready. Just read some of the guides on Doom9 about ripping / encoding to another format. Just remember to use the Gordian Knot tool, even though it's a bit harder than some of the easier tools available, it surely does fine quality with the tools included (yeah - GKnot is just a GUI/autoscripter for all those apps that will be used [usually the ripping software plus Besweet for audio and VirtualDub for video/muxing]).

    And yeah, it takes 'bout twice the lenght of the video to encode it once (on Athlon 1Ghz w/ 512Mb RAM), and since you're going to do it in two-pass anyways (for much better filesize predictability and quality) - it will take time. You can always select it to shut down after the encoding/muxing is done and watch the result when you wish.
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