Remember me...
that's all i ask.
not as a man in pain,
but as a poet.
who's words spoke his soul,
who's words spoke his truth,
that everything in him,
he believed.
my love is gone,
my hope destroyed,
and my dreams crushed,
under the footstool,
of my enemies.
i can barely feel to type,
starring at the keys,
so i know what i type.
i wipe my eyes,
to relieve myself of tears.
my poetic days are numbered,
as no love left here.
remember me as i wanted,
a romantic man.
not a poet at his last rope,
not a desperate and lonely man.
all i wanted was friends,
and a love,
but i can't find either here,
the only dream,
i dream of.
so don't love me anymore,
for a corpse i'll be soon.
no one can love a body,
only the heart and soul inside.
vancancy soon will be,
a part of my cold and,
decaying body.
so now i leave you,
may this be,
my last line.
i guess i end my poetic days,
as they started.
my first and last lines,
start and end,
with a rhyme.......

Justin McCormick (K' Heart) "I can never write enough to relieve myself of all this pain....."