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Thread: Easy Extraction Tutorial

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    Easy Extraction Tutorial

    Since Kamui gave me the thumbs up on submitting my own tutorials here, I've decided to start with this one. This is a faster and easier method for extacting various things out of pictures. This whole tutorial is a picture so feel free to save it to your computer when ever you need to look at it again.

    A few tips on this.

    Tip 1: If you've missed a spot, just hit "Q" (quickmask tool) again on your keyboard and fill it up. After you're done, just hit "Q" once more to show the selection you need.

    Tip 2: Make sure the opacity of the brush is at 100 percent so you won't be questioning me.

    Tip 3: With this method, it's possible to extract multiple objects at one time without the hassle of going back and redoing anything.
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