I'm from Halifax, NS. US President Bush is currently on the Waterfront, giving a speech only slightly altered from the one he read last night in Gaitenau.

I don't know about you guys, but, 3 years after our efforts from Sept 11, although, I wouldn't considering them effort, merely Canadian nature he decides to visit us.

Of course, only weeks after winning the US election. Since he only had half the population behind him in his own country he aims to perhaps draw more in his favor by visiting my hometown.

In protest, I decided to go about me day. They closed down several streets as I walked to the Lan gaming site I'm at now. RCMP officers guarded the streets carefully, our everyday lives disrupted over someone most of us dislike.

In fact, now, protestors stand quietly. A sign of a smart crowd. They haven't any real focus, perhaps just to say,"I was there.." Some have signs, others have joints and some of them have the knowledge that perhaps there time spent here will mean nothing against a person whom speaks of freedom at the price of innocent deaths, closed streets, tight 'security' and pollution of our planet.

I also believe as Mr. Bush does. Though, security doesn't involve guns. Prosperity doesn't include spilled and burned oil. A free, diomcratic nation doesn't stand behind one man--but many people.

Your thoughts..