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Thread: The ending of Saiyuki

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    The ending of Saiyuki

    Hello!! YOur lovely #1 saiyuki fan is here to talk about the ending of saiyuki

    I just bought the last dvd this tuesday and I'm deciding to share it with you!!!


    Well it starts off with the Sanzo-ikkou going to fight off Homura... GOku wants to fight Homura alone so Sanzo lets him, Homura gets his butt whooped by Goku, but them Homura gets back up likea ny other villain in the godly way.... (hes a war god) they fight and all that good stuff.... Homura tries to attack Sanzo but Goku stops him and then winds up hurting and nearly killing Homura.... Homura talks to the Sanzo-ikkou and then dies....

    Then we see the group in the jeep and Hakkai and Gojyo are awake.... Hakkai sees his first shooting star, and tells Gojyo he doesn't know what to wish for.... Gojyo then says "why would you want to wish for anything else when you have friends like us" then Hakkai says "you know what gojyo i guess youre right"

    THen after that we see Gojyo and Goku fighting over dried squid.... >.<

    ANd thats mainly it..... If you've seen this... please discuss if you lilke it or not....

    HAVE FUN!!

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    actually, i was under the impression that goku sort of looked up to homura. they had so much in common. both of them were considered dangerous "animals" that no one wanted to deal with. both of them have a semi-obsession with sanzo. both of them have deep emotional scars that sharply define who they are and how they react to the world around them. though i can't be sure, i think homura thanked sanzo. he did have a death-wish after all.

    personaly, i liked homura. he was quite angsty and tragic and most definitely bishounen.

    serving drooling fangirls everywhere, one bishie at a time...


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