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Thread: Excel saga ENDS!!

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    Exclamation Excel saga ENDS!!

    ok wow it depends on wich ending the X-rated bonus or the real show ill start of the real episodes umm the poochies blow up japan and everything looks all desert and excel and hyatt are on the poochie ship and they find out that there are evil poochies and must destroy them so0o0o boom batta boom of course in all movies they suceed and now they have to face il palazzo and he has recruted a whole bunch of super bad guys and they take over pretty much all of japan and il palazzo is goin all crazy w/ his world domination then that guy w/ funny hair [sorry forgot his name] sends a whole bunch of robon matsu's to attack them and they are victories... ya

    the naughty one umm i dont think i can post sum of the stuff so umm watch it for yourself freaks!!!
    i kinda like asuna-san...

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    Re: Excel saga ENDS!!

    .... ok, i'm also a big fan of the Excel Saga anime and once i saw it all i started collecting the manga, wich has less comedy and has a more focuss on everyday life in Japan(That's what Rikdo Koshi said in the first vol. anyway ).
    Anyway, in the more recent vols the story get more intersting, ACROSS has a new member called Elgala, Iwata dies and becomes a cyborg, at some point Misaki confessed her love to Iwata(of course, Iwata doesnt remember), and the origin of Dr. Shiouji and his family is starting to be reveal, it just keeps getting better


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