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Thread: Excuse Me?

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    why do you want to know??? Stalker!!!
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    Excuse Me?

    Oh No You Did Not!!!
    Okay... I'm Not Going To Get Mad Over This But I Do Have Something To Say To You...
    I Will Thank You For Not Closing My Threads... You'll Be Setting Yourself Up For A Fight If You Cause Me Any More Trouble...
    I Go Through Enough On A Daily Basis And I Don't Exactly Have Any Patience To Have To Deal With This...
    You'll Have A Serious Problem If I Have To Waste My Time Again...

    With All Due Respece:
    Things i<3:
    stuff, junk, wicked awesome totally cool stuff, & wicked awesome totally cool junk, people, my bff, and all of my friends!

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    Re: Excuse Me?

    Quote Originally Posted by sayomi02010 View Post
    Oh No You Did Not!!!
    *snaps in a triangle formation*

    'Cause you give me something / That makes me scared, alright / This could be nothing / But I'm willing to give it a try / Please give me something
    'Cause someday I might call you from my heart

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    Re: Excuse Me?

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