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    so she looks at me and i just give up and wonder what would happen if she looked deep inside me and looked me in the eyes and asked me what would i do if she asks me and i just sit there and stutter and think oh my god what will happen to the "blosseming" relationship if i just gave up right now and just decided to stop going on and just let go of life because it is rather selfish now that i think about it holding on the something as precius as life is really not right, why not just let it all go and fall out from the inside of me.but now that i think about it i probably should have thought about the question more than just wondeing off inside my head and not wondering about the question that was about to be asked and focus more on the question actually being asked.

    well that was then and this is now and now is now not then not when but now.

    now let me explain something first,this is something i do just to get better and faster at typing, just try and write a story as fast as you can and dont plan it out of anything just write as you go thinking up each world as you go along, and i thought what would happen if i tried to write a poem like it. so i dont really care if i get any good reviews or anything because this whole poem only took me 30 seconds to write, but it was just something i wanted to try.

    (oh and theres probably a few spelling mistakes because i havnt looked it through yet. )

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    hm.. interesting, but it's not horrible, i kinda like all the confusion in it... it's all so fast and blurry it kinda gives it a personalized effect.... but yeh, it's pretty good

    "Dim vales- and shadowy floods-
    And cloudy-looking woods,
    Whose forms we can't discover
    For the tears that drip all over!
    Huge moons there wax and wane-
    Again- again- again-"

    Edgar Allan Poe


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