A Jujitsu master once told me, "The only fair fight, is the fight you lose."

Keep in mind, this is coming from a Jujitsu Master.

He went on to explain, the techniques he had taught us were for survival, it was your life or theirs. Therefore, if you were wanting to fight fairly, then you would lose, because you have the know how to kill this person, which isn't fair in the first place, right?

To have the knowledge and know how of fighting is an advantage in its own. Though a lot of people say they know how to fight, when you are taught how to really fight, then it becomes dangerous, you become the unfair advantage.

So, truely, the only fair thing to do, is to walk away, give the fight to the instigator, let that person have their victory.

Another quote to sum up his lesson, "Run like the wind, then when they catch up (showing that they have their mind set in hurting you), show them what the wind can really do."

So, unless you're going up against someone that has some similar knowledge as you do in fighting, its not fair.