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Thread: Fall of Calador

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    Calador is a mountain city, known only for its good wine and olive crops. The rocky surface of the mountain prevents the growth of any real crops, so the townsfolk make their living selling high quality liquor. It was a normal day, like any other in this small town. In fact, thought many of the townspeople, it was going to be rather boring. They were all completely wrong.

    As the townsfolk went about their business of peddling drinks and home made cloths to tourists, a strange site was seen in the sky above. Barely perceptible to human eyes, a lone figure hovered thousands of feet above the town. Halor, the angel of flame, stood high above the town watching its citizens go about their business. "Yes," he thought.” This will be a great place to begin the purge."

    The angel quickly dived towards the town below. From the streets, the townsfolk watched with horror as a falling object plummeted towards them. Just before hit the ground, Halor opened up his mighty wings and gracefully landed. The townsfolk watched with a mix of awe and horror at the site of the fire angel that stood before them.

    Halor opened up his wings and spoke,” People of the town of Calador, I have come to bring you the word of the fire god. I have come to your village to show you the true path to salvation! Join me in the worship of the Supreme Being and embrace the flame!"

    One of the older citizens, obviously an elder, headed towards the angel of the flame and had the bravery to speak.” Leave us alone. We want nothing of your faith or your salvation. We wish only to continue our lives as we always have."
    At the sound of this challenge, Halor looked at the human who had dared to challenge him.

    "I have come to covert you,” said Halor." We may do it willingly or at the tip of a sword. Which shall it be?" To this the elder answered.” My people will never submit to you." At this response, Halor unsheathed his sword. A brilliant light illuminated the village as Judgment was brought before them. Halor took the blade and send but one thing to the man,” You have been Judged and been found wanting."

    Halor took his blade and severed the man's head. A cry of horror went out from the townsfolk as they watched their former leader's head roll down the street.” Any more doubters,” asked Halor. Then one of the townsfolk began to bow. Very soon, everyone followed his example and all of them were bowing to him. "Good,” said Halor." I claim this town in the name of the Fire God!" A powerful serpent appeared in the air and looked at the bowing people. It seemed please and then disappeared. <---The newest hot rpg place

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    wow kool story dude, keep up with the work!!!!


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