We have removed this section due to the fact that this section was pretty much being used as a personal "romance" hang out between individuals of this forum. All the poetry posted in, well pretty much the last month or more, has been nothing more than testiments/dedications of love to other people on the board. While every once in a while this is OK it was being abused to where that was all that was being posted. Aside from that being a very non-personal way to show your affection for someone (I'd PM it to them) we have been getting a lot of complaints about having to read that material. Furthermore, there have been NO fanfics written in that section in almost forever. The section was also not getting very much poetry recently either, like mentioned when the occasional poetry did get posted it was the same theme, "I love he/she". All poetry must now be posted in your journal, that is our final stand. If you do not agree with this and do not feel you wish to stay, you are under no obligation to.

Also, do not PM me requesting that this decision be changed as I will just ignore them. This decision will not be changed, so do not ask. In fact, i'm closing this thread as well.