As I listen to a song about numb,
I wonder if I'm the one.
To take my life to another light,
I think I just might win this fight.
I should be able to take this life by the throat,
So now I can get through this crap even though...
I never thought I'd take the route I'm on,
Though because I didn't do this before, I'm a moron.
Feeling so faithless about the things I've done thus far,
Well now I can get all this done and win AND keep my car.
Though no money now that will soon change,
I'll keep it all, get my life together, and live my dreams, not be the same.
Now I'm on fire for the right reasons and not burning in a worldly hell,
Not my boat won't sink but sail.
Now I'm able to win this game for a damn change,
Pardon my language but I'm pumped about it all and my name.
I'm a McCormick a fighter in body and spirit,
I'll kick your tail because I never totally quit it.
Now you want to take me out life? I'm outta here,
You can't beat me cause I won't let you dear.
Your all going to eat your words that you spoke about me,
Under your breath and in your mind or what you've said you see.
I'll beat this life and all it takes is just one shove,
Thanks to the One Man Above.
This world need thanks for hardening me too,
Now all I need is the reason to face you.
I'm talking to you life, and I'll bust your A...
I'm gonna take you out PAIN and take your name.
I'm now PAIN and I'll hurt no one,
So take all that you are B..... and run.
Take the picture for you'll never see an individual,
With more determination that the one typing this fool.
Come on and take me down if you can,
For above all this, I am a McCormick so beat this MAN!!!!

Justin (K' Heart) "Tired of being what you want me to be. Feeling so faithless, lost under the surface. Don't know what your expecting of me, But under the pressure of walking in your shoes............ Every step that I take is another mistake to you. And every second I wast is more than I can take."

---------Linkin Park "Numb" ----------