I mean come on, to expect to go to another country and not have to pay more for university or even boarding school is pretty rediculous.

To recap the points:
1. You don't pay taxes within the country
2. It was totally your choice to go out of the country to study

These reasons alone are good enough reason for me to justify having to pay more. The percentage more is totally dependent of where you go and how well known the university is. Fees differ from university to university and even program to program?? It will be a very different world when post secondary schooling can become free world wide. BTW, it's not just visa students who have a hard time paying tuition fees. Local students aren't all well off either...many work odd jobs to pay off their tuition. Life's just not fair.

A large reason why I decided not to go to the US to study was because of the tuition. I went to a university which had a co-op program...so i swap between working and schooling. I'm proud to say that I'm paying myself through university including all food and living as i'm out of town...minus the living expenses when i'm home during work and my first 4 months. You decide to go somewhere for an education, you expect to pay costs. Whether it be living expenses or tuition. People who live locally pay it in different ways. Just think about the amount of taxes that person will have to pay through the course of their lives within the country and compare that to the difference that you're paying in tuition fees. But it is also true that you're bringing revenue to the local economy etc etc.

Since the calculation is by no means a perfect calculation, you may be correct to say you're paying too much...but you may also be wrong.