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Thread: Furuba 2nd Season????????

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    Furuba 2nd Season????????

    I'm sure everyone who's seen the Furuba boxset in english [or japanese] thought that the series was amazing!!! Right? Well, I searched google to see if they were planning on making a second season [since they're still coming out with mangas], and I saw this petition you could sign to promote it! I have two theory's about the 2nd season...

    1) The 1st season was absolutely awesome! I would love to see another season of Furuba.
    2) The 1st season was absolutely awesome! If the 2nd season's not so good, it might ruin the 1st one.

    Any thoughts?? Opinions??
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    Re: Furuba 2nd Season????????

    Grumble Grumble Grumble

    The thing with Fruits Basket, is that the director of the series (Akitaro DAICHI) a prolific anime director, had never done a sequel TV series before, that is, up until last year, when he directed the well received Jubei-chan 2...

    Not that he's finally taken the first step for doing anime sequels, Funimation is lobbying heavily for a second season (but nothing confirmed, as of yet)...
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