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Thread: The Galla Tigermon

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    The Galla Tigermon

    Alrighty then. This is the full profile on my custom made Digimon, Tigermon. He's very cuddly, and going to be a daddy. If you'll go to the first link, you'll see his rookie level, Cubmon.
    This is Cubmon. Cubmon retains some, not all, of Tigermon's characteristics, and is very much cuddly. He's designed to look somewhat like that of a tiger cub, hence the name Cubmon.
    This, is Tigermon, the Digivolved form of Cubmon. Tigermon is designed to look like a tiger, which you possibly already knew. His looks may decieve you, as he's not only adorable, but mischievious as well.
    Feral Tigermon is the evolved form of Tigermon. Feral Tigermon is more ferocious and deadly. He can attack even if not ordered to. This is one kitty you don't wanna pet.
    Finally, this is Equamon. He's the biomerged form of Joe, the Digidestined of Grace, and Feral Tigermon. When Feral Tigermon and Joe biomerge, Feral Tigermon raises onto his rear legs, and is encased inside indestructible white armor.

    These Digimon were extremely hard to design, even though they're repaints, but, I like them either way. Even though Tigermon is my creation, I still had help from a good friend, Infusion, who created the entire form of Equamon. All I did, is created this test shot.....

    So, honestly, I can't take all of the credit for myself, as I would not feel right in doing so.

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    Re: The Galla Tigermon

    dude how old are you, digimon is retarded. i used to watch it like when i was 7 and 8

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