I sent GallComp this PM on his media Luna account that I unloocked

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you want your mod options moved to this account or removed all tgether from the GallCmop name seening as you made a big senen in the staff forum probibly didn't bother reading ether
His responce.

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Do as you wish..
Seeing as he dosen't wish to tell me or Gig about his name change then I am going to assume he didn't want to be on staff anymore so I removed the gallcomp name from the modorator list. if he wishes to become a mod again he can PM gig or me ^_^

This was the final PM I sent to him

NP man I hope everything works out for you and its been fun working with you here on AO Site staff won't be the same...

and just to clear the air it was not just me that locked out your other accounts. I had gig's go ahead on locking down the account to atleast get a responce from you from the PMs I sent to both accounts. I hope to see ya arund and no hard feelings man ^_^ take care of your kid and see ya around ^_^