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    Oh I love how you close all my threads... its really nice of you. I'm glad your really showing off your ass towards everyone so they can see through you.

    I like how your a mod and wait let me re-check

    Moderator - Someone who moniters the activity in a sub-forum. Oh yea... and they help people and dont ignore them...

    That being said, Why have you been ignoring my private messages to you? Do you like me bringing our conversation out on to the forrm boards? HUH? Well... if you dont wanna do this nice way, we can always get nasty.

    Same goes for you spiderweb... your doing a great job ignoring your community. GOODJOB! I'm not impressed with AO, It used to be a great community but now it sucks.

    Oh and btw - awnser my question you little pussie and tell me why you locked my open source thread... it was there to help. I dont think that spiderweb woudl approve of that very much.

    Your pushing your luck...

    And I'm not done raising hell yet.

    So I trust you will make the right decision...
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    I'm pushing my luck???? Sure you need a break in the drugs you are using kid... The only one showing his true self is you, you have done nothing more that whining and bitching since you got back, really mature attitude...

    Ignoring your PM's, unlike you I do have a life and I'm not on the computer 24/7. when I got your ONLY bitching PM you already posted it in public view so why even bothering into answer it. A thickheaded person like you doesn't deserve any answer other than being ignored. You keep accusing me of banning you without a warning. You got your warning from another moderator, a day before I even noticed your signature, and I mention it before I cannot ban people, administrators do (Gig and Spider). You just like to go arround the same issue over and over:

    Quote Originally Posted by Zui Quan
    While you're working on sigs, you need to change yours, shadowdeath. More specifically you need to remove the inflammatory text.
    You said in your PM that I was mean and a total jerk right. Well here is the PM that started all this, a generic PM asking you to change your signature:

    Quote Originally Posted by GallComp
    The image that you are using as signature is too big and needs to be replaced, maximun size allowed is 450x110...

    -Maximum dimensions for signatures is 110(height)x450(width), maximum filesize is 150kb. ONE IMAGE ONLY!
    Link to the rules

    Since you love it soo much, here it goes closed...

    Have a nice day...


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