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Thread: Gallery Issues to all of you

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    Gallery Issues to all of you

    Don’t worry for this thread, no new regulations or recriminations are intended (reason why I posted it here). The reason of this is because some of the members don’t really know how does the gallery work.

    One of the most important aspects is the fact that all the images submitted by the regular members need to be moderated first, meaning is not visible to the public unless one of the staff members approve it. There is no day that I don’t find duplicated images of members that didn’t knew his/her image is not visible because is on the moderation queue, how do I know that? Because they almost always add the legend “Didn’t work last time so here we go again”, altought it is not a big deal for us (just a click will delete the duplicated) it is a waste of bandwidth (yours and ours).

    We don’t allow the upload of images that you didn’t created, even if it’s the coolest wallpaper ever made. Ripping images is one of the lamest ways to get recognized and it will only make you look stupid (pardon my French), since most of us (members) know each other and the work we do (making it easy to spot rippers). Also as stated in the rules of the site, posting images that you didn’t make could lead you to banning.

    You are free to rate and post comments in the images with a few restrictions, no rude comments are allowed, if you use the rating system take in consideration that ANY rating of 5 and bellow MUST have an explanation of why it was rated with that number. This restriction where made because some people in the past abused the gallery rating/comment system with spammy messages/rates, so now everyone must pay for their lack of maturity. If a message/rating falls into this restrictions mostly it will just be deleted, but if it’s a continuous thing for an user then it will be warned (Yeah I have a good memory).

    For organization the gallery is divided into sections, and each of those sections have a description of what kind of content the images posted must have to belong in there, at least 2 of every 10 images posted are placed in the wrong section, and it is the staff’s job to fix it (again a one button work, but it can be avoided easily). It takes only less than 5 seconds to locate the right section when uploading the image so please take that time to post your image in the right section. Also we don’t have a Scans section so please stop posting them..

    Adult related material (hentai) are not allowed in the entire site (not only the gallery), since a great amount of our members are pre-teens we decided to keep all the graphics to a PG-13 level. The last thing needed is a bunch of angry parents yelling at the administrators that we are corrupting their little ones minds.

    Well so far this is it, if I come across something else I will let you know.
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    *adds alittle bit more* We have what is called the EAO blacklist on the board. This list is a list of those that have been busted ripping off images.

    "How to I get off the black list" you don't your name is scared for life as long as you are on this board.

    the list was made to stop rippers but seeing as it didn't work. The next resort is banning members.

    The black list can be found here
    If your name is one it and its there in error you can PM one of the staff members with a work you did yourself in a PSD file so we can see if you actualy did the work. PSD file will let us see the different layers used to make the image if you can prove us wrong we will take your name off the list no if ands or buts about it.

    Also. Some people have been ripping peoples sigs out of the gallery. and using them on the board. This is also a no no. if you would like a sig there is a sig request thread in this forum. use it.

    Signature Requests

    Last thing. Rippers will get cought the staff and other members goto other wallpaper sites. and see wallpapers that look out of place here on the site. So to keep your butt out of trouble make your own work its not hard. There is a list of tutorials also on this board

    Tutorial Link List (remake)

    If you have any questions you can PM me or GallComp

    Lord Katsuhito
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    Thumbs up Thumbs up

    Although there's no new rules, but I am very happy that the mods are putting enough attention to gallery issues ... although, well, ripping and ecchi stuff are everyday's problems, and most of the times, those are unavoidable,.. but at least this thread has brought the AO gallery up to be an even better place for wallers and artists.
    I hope there would be much less rippers and gallery spammers in the future...


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