I felt today like nothing could go wrong,
Captivating the crowd with my drawing and script.
Nopt that I am close to done with it yet,
But they don't care they just want to play it.
I don't know why she looked at me that way,
So enthralled by the fact that the One God let my story.
How The Creator caused me to live one day finally,
Now I know I am alive.
For hours I told MY story as I saw it in my game form,
Who says that I am not interesting and that I am boring.
Hell, I was able to get and hold on to the attention,
Of at least 7 people I don't know, maybe more.
ALl I have to do now is finish what I started.
Years ago when I was in High School,
An idea based on Final Fantasy,
Now everyone I come in contact with,
Wants a piece of history, a piece of it.
I signed my first qutograph today,
A drawing I did years ago.
She said these words as she put it away,
"This will be worth a million dollars someday."
So much for not being liked and not being loved,
I finish this and I will be adored,
For If I can get a small town of 63,000 to like this,
Imagine what the country would do when I unleash it....

Justin (K' Heart) "1/17/2005 I became a legend in the eyes of many....."