Okay, so what was that about?
Saying that out loud where I can hear.
Do you want me to notice you said that,
Or is it something else.

Previouslly singing a song I created,
For the girl I hope to one day meet.
Then they pass by and audibally giggle,
"He was singing," one said with a soft tone.

Unusal in a sense, but mysterious too.
Not that another word was spoken.
They looked my directions as I peered from,
The corners of my spherical glare.

And then like that,
No faster than they arrived,
They were gone and no more,
Would I see them again.

Unless Fate is real and,
Unless it plays apart,
I'll just be another victim,
Of the games girls play.

By: Justin McCormick (K' Heart wounded, but back)

"3 seconds of game, an afternoon of wonder. Oh how I enjoy the games they play..."