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    I was loking around BestBuy's Anime Section earlier this week and saw this one series out GANTZ from ADV and Gonzo

    and everything that I see about it looks pretty extreme, the fact that on the cover of the first DVD its got an image of a chick with the top 1/4 of the head sliced off. and on the Back it had a rating TV-MA-vls so it seems pretty intense. but I 'm just curious if any one here has heard of it/seen it?

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    What being sold is the 'UnCensored' version of 'Gantz', which coudn't be shown on Japanese TV because of the broadcasting standards there... 'Gantz' is also going to be in close competition with 'Elfin Lied' as the DVD release with the most Blood and Gore for this year. I've seen most of the fansubs, and a friend of mine is collecting the DVD release.

    Official ADV Films Gantz website...

    The entire series plays like one giant 'Twilight Zone' episode, so if your into strange and gory Sci-Fi, then this might be the series for you...
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